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Pilates and Barre

Originally called “Contrology,” by its creator, Joseph Pilates, Pilates is a form of physical fitness that stretches, strengthens, and deepens the mind/body connection. The exercises are designed to create better posture, strengthen the “powerhouse”  (core muscles of the abdominal and back area) and teach you greater body awareness.  When Pilates is part of your fitness routine, you develop a smart body with efficient movement patterns in your daily activities.   Pilates is a hardCORE workout that is healthy, gentle and fun!
Barre is a type of fitness that fuses Pilates, ballet and athletic conditioning.  It includes high intensity, low impact movements that sculpt and shape all areas of the body.  Barre classes incorporate the focus and technique that you learn in Pilates mat classes and adds a more fast pace and fat burning element to your fitness routine.  Barre is appropriate for all fitness levels and ages.  Come see how Barre can compliment your Pilates practice!
Benefits of Choosing Pilates as an
ONGOING fitness routine...
- Pilates can improve posture, flexibility, coordination and balance.
- It fosters a mind/body connection increasing body awareness and control.
- It relieves stress, improves mood, and leaves you feeling energized.
- Pilates sculpts the body and gives the appearance of long, lean muscles.
- It can alleviate back, neck and shoulder pain.
- It improves core strength, flattens the abs and strengthens the back.
- Pilates is a gentle workout that is easy on joints and muscles.
- It can be very challenging and a great cross-training option for athletes. 
- It creates "a balanced body, mind, and spirit."
- Pilates is for everyBODY
"I have been taking Pilates and Barre classes from Dru Parker for over a year.  I have really enjoyed the classes and I feel that they have helped me to be stronger, have more energy, and move better.  I received confirmation of that when I went to the doctor for a regular check-up.  My P.A. told me I had a strong core when she didn't have to assist me on or off the exam table.  I  am 71 years old and my daughter, and two granddaughters also take the classes.  We all enjoy taking Dru's classes and apppreciate her dedication as a Pilates instructor.  
-Carol V