Science, Art and Motion - Pilates and Barre



A pilates mat class consists of highly focused and controled movements with a small number of reps.  The exercises deepen the mind/body connection, strengthen the core, increase spinal mobility, and improve posture.  Small props may be added to classes such as toning balls, therabands, and stability balls.


Barre fitness uses the focus and precision from Pilates and blends it with the grace and beauty of ballet and the strengthing aspects of atheletic conditioning.  The class is upbeat.  It sculpts the entire body and burns fat.  A Barre class uses a ballet barre, pilates mat, light weights and a small stability ball.  


A private session allows you to get one on one instruction that meets your individual needs, works at your individual pace, and pushes you to your personal limits.  Private sessions will use classical Pilates apparatus (including a Gratz Reformer, a Gratz wall tower unit, and a heavily padded leather Gratz mat).  Private sessions are a great way to learn the proper technique and Pilates and Barre terminology and then use those skills in group classes, other fitness routines, and in everyday movement.


Pilates and Barre are fitness routines that are great for EVERY- BODY, every age, every fitness level, every size.  All of the exercises can be adapted to use the aid of a chair, either sitting in or standing next to for balance.  You can acheive a total body workout using stabilization techniques, body weight, 1 lb. weights, small stability balls, flex bands etc. Special emphasis is placed on posture, core strengthening, balance and spinal mobility. 
Special Classes and Series
  1. Mother/Daughter Series
    Mother/Daughter Series
    What better way to spend time with your young lady than getting fit and building your mind/body connection together? This is a 4 week series for moms (aunt, grandma, adult friend) and girls age 6-12. It includes mat Pilates and Barre and uses props and partner work.
  2. Mommy & Me Series
    Mommy & Me Series
    It's never too early to start teaching your children the importance of leading a healthy, fit lifestyle. The mommy and me series allows moms to get a light workout that involves your little one too! This is a 4 week series for moms (aunt, grandma, adult friend) and children age 2-5. It includes Pilates, Barre, and stretching exercises.
  3. Moms Morning Out Class
    Moms Morning Out Class
    This class takes place during the morning - at a perfect time for moms who drop their kids off at MMO program and want to squeeze fitness into there "me time." Being a mom though is not required, of course. It is a a mix of Pilates mat and barre classes. A Mind/Body fitness class that emphasizes focus, precision, and core strength.
  4. All Mommy/Mother classes are scheduled upon request. There must be a 4 week commitment and at least 3 participants or duos. 4 week Mommy Series are $70 Mother/Daughter are $100 Call to get more information or to request a series. 704-616-4092
  5. PreNatal Barre and Mat Pilates
    PreNatal Barre and Mat Pilates
    Pilates and Barre are a great way to stay fit during all stages of pregnancy. The exercises offer a mind/body approach that balance strength with flexibility. They are perfectly suited to prepare women for labor and a speedy postpartum recovery. The exercises consist of no impact, and place special emphasis on posture, alignment and improving stability and mobility in the lumbopelvic and shoulder girdles. (You should have permission from doctor for any exercise routine.)
  6. Mommy and Baby Class
    Mommy and Baby Class
    This class is great for new moms trying to get back in shape, postpartum while getting to interact with baby. The standing exercises require a front carrier. During mat exercises baby can be used as a weight, kick around on mat or have some tummy time. Its fitness that is FUN for mommy and baby. (You should have clearance from doctor to return to any fitness routine.)